BBB Lodge offers world-class pheasant hunting just
minutes from Sioux Falls.

BBB Lodge began with a simple idea: Pheasant hunters should be able to spend less time on the road and more time in the field. So, we built a beautiful lodge just a few miles down the road from Sioux Falls, surrounded by over 1,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat.

Today, BBB Lodge offers one of the best all-around pheasant hunting experiences in the country.

Our convenient location allows us to create a customized hunting package for every type of hunter. At BBB Lodge, you can hunt the way YOU like to hunt.

• Hunt for the afternoon with just you and your dog
• Plan a father and son hunt for the day
• Enjoy a small group hunt with your buddies
• Host a large group hunt or company outing


Interesting fact: BBB stands for Birds, Bucks & Berries.